Vince DiBenedetto


"The American Cancer Society Windy City Golf Open is a fabulous golf event to take our clients. You are able to play a top private golf course and are treated like a member for the day, all while supporting a great cause. Being able to play your own ball and having a good pace of play are both big bonuses. The American Cancer Society does a great job, and I would recommend it to our business colleagues and partners."

Mary Broccolo


 "A few years ago, my dear friend Kathy Mignin was honored. We have all been affected by cancer in someway, I love golf and I like to support the cause."

Doug Nelson

Assurance Agency

“Assurance is a proud long-term sponsor of the ACS Windy City Open. The event is ALWAYS a first class experience and raises funds for a cause that has touched everyone.” 

"The ACS Windy City Golf outing is the "event" every summer that we look forward to going to the most. We LOVE being able to support ACS, as this affects EVERYONE and what a better way to share a Monday than enjoying a first class golf facility with our key customers. We also enjoy hearing and learning how funding is appropriated 'locally' and the fabulous stories shared of success versus cancer."

Jeff Tyner

CliftonLarsenAllen LLP

"My reasoning why I sponsor the event is fairly simple.  My mother had survived cancer four times before losing her fifth battle with it this past May. The American Cancer Society had always been an organization my Mother was very involved with, to the point where she organized and ran her own charity golf event in her home town of Cleveland, Tennessee for a number of years.  I also enjoy the format of the event (i.e. everybody gets to play their own ball) which is usually different than other charity golf events  (i.e. Scramble type events).  Plus, the overall atmosphere of the event is very unique compared to other charity golf outings."

Jose Teigeiro